Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The GFE, PSE, and My Married Man

Sooooo...DH and I have a friend from college that is our age but never married. On an overseas trip several years ago he discovered the joy of paid companionship and has since branched out into doing it closer to home. T tells me about his experiences and even sent me links to a few working girl review sites. T loves the GirlFriendExperience (he very rarely dates for a whole bunch of reasons) and my reading of the other sites has led me to see that a LOT of guys like the GFE.

Which leads me to the Porn Star Experience. DH, like lots of married guys, get the GFE at home (cuddling, affection, extra touching). And if a married guy isn't getting it at home then there are issues beyond getting some paid companionship.

Turns out that I've always assumed the PSE was about actual *actions* slightly out of the mainstream. Like anal sex, having DH cum on my face, or taking videos/pictures. DH thinks its about my attitude...how I ask him to fuck me harder or telling him how I imagined him there with L. and me.

For DH, a perfect example is what I'm doing this afternoon as he takes the boys to the pool. I have the camera set up and I'm going to make a video of my and my new $80 friend for him. It'll be on his computer (in the password protected adult folder) when he gets back.

So...people...what is a PSE for you (or a GFE)?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm soooo bored....

If "I'm so drunk is the mating call" of blondes could "I'm so bored" be the mating call for redheads?

I managed to use my new $80 toy today while DH and the boys were at the pool. All I need to say is that DH is at risk of being replaced if the boy doesn't up his game. My friend was so right that it would be worth the money.

But the kids aren't in bed yet so DH is not available....and he won't just use me anyway...blah.

Anyone have questions for me? Any suggestions for grownup fun (with someone or without)?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Fill In #132

1. The last thing I ate was leftover fried rice and green apple gummy bears.

2. An eighty dollar vibrator is something I recently bought.

3. When it rains, it makes me want to lay in bed reading and have sex (not at the same time!)
4. DH was the first person I talked to today.

5. Hugs are nice most of the time but can be over done.

6. Music provides extra comfort.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having sex in my own bedroom, tomorrow my plans include performing and going out with friends and Sunday, I want to read the New York Times naked in bed!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We're Home! and TMI Tuesday #194 (a day or so late)

Now that's over with...need to write a strip club report but that'll be later. Right now I'm just done. I knew I was done about 10 hours into the drive when I turned around and saw my youngest sitting in his car seat totally naked except for the headphones from his DVD player and my only action was to offer him a cookie. Just so didn't want the battle.

Anyway..day late and a dollar short (just like me!)

1. Where was the first place you ever had sex?

My bedroom with a marine who came home on leave to visit and try to convince me to drop out of high school and marry him. That's a story for another day...it ended when I informed him that he was fine to date but he certainly wasn't marriage material.

2. How often do you lie?

More than I ever thought possible before I had kids.

3. If you could only be one, would you rather be smart or good looking?

Smart...looks fade...but they do give you an incredible pass.

4. Have you ever passed out or suffered memory loss from drinking too much?
no, I haven't ...and I've had a lot to drink (penny beer night in college)

5. Top or bottom?

I'm in desperate need of a strong top....I have an incredible desire to be a bottom that DH just isn't interested in.

Bonus: Do you have any catalogs for toys/videos/lingere delivered to your home?

Print catalogs? Are you kidding? I don't think any catalogs make it inside the house anymore...for adult toys or otherwise.