Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Wierdness

1. What is the one sexual act you would never do?

The asphyxiation know the stuff that killed the lead singer of INXS. No climax is worth dying for

2. Is there anyone you know, that if they turned out to be a serial killer you would not be surprised?

A weekend or so ago, I travelled to the frozen north (against my better judgment) for a friend's birthday party. There was a guy there that DH and I knew back during our college/grad school days. He cornered a friend and gave her a run down on plushies/furries and the convention that he attended with them. Talking with my friend later, we decided plushie guy makes our top 5 creepy people list..not because he likes to have sex dressed up like an animal...but the *other* parts of his conversations that were even stranger.

3. What is the most annoying thing about the holiday season for you?

My "Greed is Good" BIL and SIL. Last year they sent a demand letter for cash....DH wanted to send coal instead

4. If you saw a video of your celebrity crush picking their nose, would that change your opinion of their hotness?

Only if he ate the pickings....and then, if was Ron Livingston, I'd make an exception there too

5. What is the one non-sexual thing you would be embarrassed to be caught doing?

Gazing at online photos of Edward Cullen

6. A favorite blogger friend wrote a column about the one word that really turns her on. Do you have a word or phrase that does the same for you? What is it?
I don't think I do right now....nothing is turning me on at the moment due to a very congested head.

7. As someone who ran a virtual cookie exchange, I have to ask what your favorite cookie is?

Chocolate Chip...I make great ones!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

BDSM, Twilight, and Manly Men

A little late to the party, I've been reading the Twilight book series and much of the attending feminist criticism of it.

I won't rehash in detail the numerous feminist issues, just a quick list.

Bella just sits and waits to be rescued over and over
Edward decides the relationship
Issues of domestic violence, especially in book 3
Promotion of a radical pro life agenda in book 4
Getting married and having a baby right away at 18
Bella wails, faints and has dizzy spells more than any 19th century literary heroine

You get the point....

I'm reminded of a conversation I had with a male friend of mine about why women are interested in BDSM. His hypothosis is that women want MEN. Not the sweet, share your feelings type...but guys that are protective, chivelrous, strong, and decisive.

I get that. I think he has a point. And that's why Edward the vampire is such a hit. We are biologically programmed to fall for a protector. Even if he is also an individual capable of killing us.....deep down, its hot that he *can* but doesn't because we're so alluring.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Why I think we'd be swinging failures

I love swinger blogs. DH, in sterotypical PhD geek style, thinks that my interest in the people is inexplicable but approves of the ideas I get. We talk about what I read and often discuss why it could work for us (or why it would be terrible for us). After many conversations, DH and I are in agreement that swinging is probably not what we're interested in (at least for the immediate future)

Here are a few reasons why:

1) We can't find a couple we agree on to out for dinner with, let alone have sex with. Right there is 80% of the problem. DH is a workaholic geek who isn't all that good at small talk. That whole getting to know someone thing? Not his bag! One of my wifely duties (other than deep throating) is making our couple friends. Since DH cannot stand sales types (he sees them too much at work he says), lawyers, and realtors. We're pretty limited to academic or technical/mechanical types...and even then he's not good at the 'getting to know' stage.

2) I'm not interested in random cock. I'll admit this...I can be girly about wanting an emotional attachment (not necessarily love!). DH is cool with it when we're talking girls but guys? eh...not so much.

3) Dating...and having to reject someone. Being rejected isn't nearly as big a deal to me (as long as its done nicely) but having to tell someone, "Sorry, but we don't fit sexually" God, this is the reason I'm glad I'm married.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Humanity!!!

It's hard having two blogs...I've had one slip up commenting on one blog with the wrong login. Now I'm writing for two of them. I'm finding that some days I'm more interested in one than the other.

Right now we're having some pretty normal vanilla sex. Well, what passes for vanilla for us right now. going to a strip club (I should write more about my lap dance) I bought some lingerie that I want to take some pictures of and post this weekend.

My hair color has changed...darker red, better for the holly jolly season.

I also have a draft post about cheater blogs and another one about swinging and why I doubt DH and I will ever do that.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TMI Tuesday #161

I thought I'd start doing some of these as an accountability/discipline exercise

1. When did you last use your cellular telephone as a flashlight?

Last night while staying at a friend's house and didn't want to wake up DH by trying to kill myself on strange furniture.

2. On a scale from 1-10, how comfy are you being naked?
In front of anyone other than DH? 2...unless its photos that don't show my head...that's hot!

3. What is the longest you've ever been celibate after having lost your virginity?
Maybe 6 weeks....I was older when I lost it and then a bit of a slut phase...its like I discovered restaurants and wanted to try all sorts.

4. Have you ever had sex in a car? If yes, since you were a teenager?
Yes, and it was about 2 weeks ago when it cooled off enough that we wouldn't die of heat exhaustion if we did it in the car. Kids were with a sitter...DH likes it more than I do.
5. When did you last use food or drink as medication?

When my dad was dying I was drinking to get drunk about once a week...and then he died. Now I'll have a beer or two once a month and that's it. The whole feeling the need to escape is gone.

Bonus: Name three words that:
a) get you excited
b) make you squirm
c) make you laugh
poopy head

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not the only one with ingrown hair issues...

Best of Craigslist posting

Been Busy...

and not much interesting in the sex world for me this week. Life, you know that thing that happens outside of delicious sex, has been a pain.

My waxing aftershocks are mostly gone, thank god. It really impeded what we could do! The whole infected labia thing is a big problem in finding positions...lots of spooning (like when I was 800 months pregnant) and doggie.

It also didn't help that older son decided that he never wanted to go to bed....and wanted us to entertain him. I got so tired my eyes were rolling into the back of my head so I certainly wasn't up for a hour plus session of fun! So it was a nice little bit of vanilla.

Last night was the first night we were able to really have some fun. I'd been teasing DH with a story for homeschool park day. One of the bi women was there as was 1/2 of a two mommy family and we discussed how *open* the nude clubs were here. Bi-Mom informed me that I shouldn't go with DH, I should go with her and that lots of the girls didn't like couples because they were always worried that the wife or GF would go off when the stripper was actually giving a lap dance. After a grownup only dinner, the kids went to bed (including older son who I'd exhausted physically with the express pupose of making sure he'd fall asleep before me)

Maybe I'm strange but just laying naked in bed and watching Bones was the beginning of our foreplay...touching and fastforwarding through commercials. HOT! *snort*

DH got about 15 minutes of one of my deep throat special, kneeling at his feet, BJ's. It's so hot when I see him lean over and brush my hair out of the way so he can see me. Before he came, I moved onto the edge of the bed on my back with my legs spread far apart...he loves fucking me while watching my titties bounce around. But for some reason, I don't feel particularly filled in that position so I requested some anal.

Did I have to twist his arm? Boy was jumping over to get the lube before I got to the 'l' sound in anal. Can I just say how hot I find it to watch his face as he enters me. The slight intake of breath....the eyes closing partway...its so cool how much he likes it. Took me all of 30 seconds to climax with him pounding away.

His favorite anal position is having me stand bent over the bed. I have to be on my tiptoes as he's a foot taller than me...but DH gets into his "shortstop stance" (his words) and just pounds away.

I had gas this AM :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Submissive 24/7 (and housework)

I’ve been reading a lot of sex positive blogs over the past few months. Blogs about swinging, working as an escort, being poly, and being a slave or master. From a psychological standpoint, I find the whole D/s thing very interesting and until reading these blogs thought of it as only a bedroom thing.

Let’s start by me stating my bias/place in life right now: I run my house…not always particularly well as I hate housecleaning but its mine. Back when I was an adult, DH called me on a business trip to ask how to put groceries away. At the time, DH had 4 employees…now he is in charge of a large geographical region with 15+ offices under his control. And he would still ask me how to put the groceries away (that’s assuming he knows where the grocery store is anymore) and is very diligent about his Honey-Do list.

So, when I read about slave duties including housework, I was very intrigued. Like I said I hate the whole cleaning thing. I’ve tried concepts like Flylady and organizing books. The problem is accountability…I have none. DH’s tolerance level is so high that I would have nervous breakdown about the house before he’d notice anything was wrong.

Another submissive blog I read is Persephone’s Obedience. In it she talks about containment…being provided structure, boundaries, and accountability by her owners (who she is not currently relating to sexually). It seems parental to me and I’m not saying that as a negative judgment.

This weekend I had a very interesting talk with a friend of mine who is a psychologist about 24/7 D/s relationships. Specifically I wanted to talk about the structured/parental aspect of it. Now understand, she is very kink friendly, likes playing (being tied up ..never knew this about her before). Her hypothesis is the idea that people can crave the nurturing structure they didn’t get when it was developmentally appropriate.

Not sure I buy it. I didn’t have much structure at was clinically depressed and was was an alcoholic. It got so bad after my dad left the military that CPS actually removed me from my parents home and I lived for awhile with a faculty member from my private school as a foster child for almost one year. And while I’d like some accountability to make me do housework, I can’t say that I feel any real interest in turning over my life to DH. With her theory, shouldn't I be a textbook case of someone looking for 24/7 domination?

Psychologist friend pointed out that I had strong external structures some of which were nurturing …the military (dad was in until I was 9 and we always lived on base) and after Dad separated, I had my private school.

It seems to pithy to me to write off the desire for submissiveness/containment to a need to repair childhood damage.

So what is it

Crotch Watch - Day 7

It’s not good. There are three ingrown hairs, one of which is very infected and required a visit to the dr. (The same one who said it looked like a lawn mower attacked me) So I’m on antibiotics because of a waxing…be careful people!

DH is just hoping my vagina doesn’t fall off ...I just don't want to die of sepsis because of someone waxing my vy-jay-jay!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Waxing gone bad


I went in thinking I would get a brazilian...walked out with a bikini that left my crotch looking like a lawn mower had attacked it. My doctor informed me today that it didn't look too bad...that was lovely (did I mention my doctor is a totally hot female?)

The idea was that DH and I could take some new pictures...but not with my pussy looking like a doggie chew toy. hold you over...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mission Accomplished

I may not trust DH at work but I do trust him at the new strip club.

The other day, after work, I sent DH out on a very important scouting the new nude strip club in town. The mission directive was very explicit: rate girls, get two private dances, find out if its couples friendly, and if I would think its a total skank place.

Yes, I'm fussy about strip clubs...they are NOT created equal.

His budget: $100

DH went right after work as we both prefer to have one on one defense when it comes to the kids bedtimes. He spent one hour and had 10 left over.

Verdict? Girls do ANYTHING pretty much. The noon to 7 crew was a little skinny for his taste (we both like a little junk in the trunk and something B cup or higher. This club is totally nude.

His first dancer gave him the GFE stripper experience. Before the dance she was nibbling on his ear, running her fingers through his hair...DH was loving it. In the private room, DH (being the perfect gentleman that he is) asked what the rules were about touching...Dancer one took one of his hands, put it on her ass...and DH's other hand on her tit. My husband, his faults myriad, is not stupid and realized he could touch pretty much anything. As he rubbed her ass, tits, thighs...the dancer rubbed all over him and even used her hand to check and see if DH was having a good time (through his pants!)

Second dancer was perhaps more interesting but less fulfilling according to DH. After DH coaxed her away from her video game (I found the video game thing hot!) she took off her clothes and then put her crotch inches away from his face. Didn't rub him all that much...and she had a piercing. DH says she pretty much wanted him to go down on her...and what turned DH on was imagining me getting that kind of invitation. DH just rubbed his cheek and hands around the area but didn't go down on her (did I mention we're both germophobes) because he didn't want to come home with a raging case of herpes.

So...the idea is to get a babysitter and go back together one evening...should be fun..and I might get my girl :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How hard it can be to trust...

Unfaithfulness can come in many shapes and variations. It isn't simply about putting a dick (or other body part) where it doesn't belong.

I've mentioned in an earlier post that the darkest time in our marriage was when DH put his career ahead of his family. (IMHO, in fairness to him) And now I have doubts about how he values his family. The current job is sweet...great money and even better hours. He's doing so beautifully at it....

that they're talking about promoting him.


DH was told that he career path with the company would include a promotion in the next year that would require lots more travel, moving to another city, and tons more money.

I don't mind moving...we're used to that. But the way DH can sink into his work and being gone so much? Blech. The twinkle in DH's eye told me how much he wanted it. Is this how a wife feels when her husband is a serial cheater? I felt like he was taking back everything he'd said about putting family first.

We've opened up discussions about it. I'd be happy with his current job until he retires but realistically I know that isn't going to happen. Some ideas on the table are to get another au pair, have someone come in to clean more often, and NOT homeschool the younger son (who doesn't need it anyway).

But I worry...I worry about all the work we've put in over the last year and that all going away again.

Losing my meme virginity here...

7 Facts about me...

1) I've been arrested once...during a protest at the South African consulate

2) I always compose my blog posts in the HTML view because....

3) I learned HTML back in the early 1990's and get confused by all this newfangled editor technology. Bring back vi!

4) There are currently two Hanna Montana/Mylie Cyrus songs on my mp3 player

5) When I was 11, I won a scholarship to an elite private school and it changed my life.

6) There are wild turkeys in my backyard at the moment

7) My first gun was a gift for my second birthday.

And to tag 7 others...

Lalana's Journey
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And I'm going to cheat a bit and tag 2 others via my mundane blog. Does that earn me a spanking? I hope so :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Bell that Can't be Unrung

Last night we had, what for us, passes as wonderful vanilla sex. The lights were out, we actually did it missionary for awhile and ended doggie style.

What wasn't so vanilla was the conversation we had before, during, and after. I started it by bringing up my idea of a 3 way again...and this time DH was into it.

I found this article about a woman who encouraged her hubby to get a happy ending

Happy Ending

and the vitrol that it created. But some of the commenters had a good point...where does it stop?

And after discovering how much I like anal, what if DH or I really likes having someone else join us? Is DH going to try and go out and find is own fun all by himself? Am I? What are we really risking by doing this...and if we do, should we go 'pro' or try to find someone willing to join us?

And our marriage (which is pretty damned good) going to be better, worse, or the same the morning after?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Porn Movie Suggestion

If you like anal and redheads (or Asians) or natural tits...

Desperate Wives 2

DH is a HUGE Audrey Hollander fan. Unlike some of her other movies this is an Audrey movie we can agree on. Some of her other movies involved some turn offs for me....large penetrating things blech...and anything involving a guy spitting on a pussy? HUGE turn off! She did a fantastic anal scene that looked like she really enjoyed it. So many porn movies the women look horribly pained (I put that down to a lack of lube and excitement. But the viewer can tell that Audrey is really an ass girl!

And this movie had lots of natural tits, even on the Asian girl (DH didn't like her but I'd play with her given half the chance).

A story....with pictures (for those who don't like to read!)

Fridays are generally our evening out. The kids have a sitter so we go to dinner and then maybe a movie (or wandering around Home Depot thinking up all sorts of projects we don’t have the time for). This week we got to see Religulous done by Bill Mahr. It was outstanding and summed up DH’s position regarding religion quite well.

DH and I had been teasing each other all evening about what we were going to do when we got home…a rub here, a butt joke there J . We just spent the whole night working each other up. We also had a long conversation about my submissive fantasies and how he just can’t do the domination thing but that’s a story for another post.

We get home, get the kids in bed…and we got busy. DH has been way way way against pictures before. His big concern was that if something happened to us that the people (family probably) packing up our house would find them. My point was, “We’ll be dead anyway..what will we care?” A friend of ours is so paranoid about the picture thing that he has an agreement with a friend that if something happens to him, the friend will come over and dispose of all porn/private pictures. This friend also keeps several 55 gallon drums of water in the basement…he’s ready for everything.

Anyway…back to pictures….The light in the bedroom wasn’t so good so we went to the bathroom..hence Picture Number 1

After several pictures (and a few movies) we moved to the bed. We started out with me on my knees at the edge of the bed and DH warming up my rear with his fingers…see Picture 2. (And that ass is big, Alfro! J)

I was using my hands and a toy to add to the fun. I don’t know how it is for other people, but rubbing/touching my clit while being penetrated is just amazing.

Soon, with the added benefit of Astroglide – the preferred lube for gay men and they know anal, DH was in. See Picture 3

He likes it when I’m on my knees but they’re spread so far apart that I’m almost laying down on the bed. Thank goodness I have strong thighs!

After doing that for awhile ( and me preventing DH from coming), we switched to me being on top. Didn’t like that so much. I’ve never been good at being on top. DH swears it’s the eye candy of bouncing boobies that’s the attraction and not the pace.

Anyway, we switched to my favorite anal position (yes, I have one now!) with me on my back at the edge of the bed. Enjoy the final picture. Sorry its blurry but I did a screen shot from the video we made. I’m going to get a waxing down there…just had my armpits done and it wasn’t bad at all. And the spa girl was hot and I’d love to have her playing with me down there …with hot wax!

I came almost instantly. I love looking at DH’s face as he enters me, puts my legs around his neck, squeeze my nipples…..and just pound away at me. DH’s favorite position for anal (and now he has one too!) is with me on my knees at the side of the bed. After the 30 minute BJ and all sorts of positions, he didn’t take long either. It’s really neat to feel his cock inside my ass twitching after he climaxes. I don’t feel it the same way in my pussy.

Anyway…hope reading this story made you as hot as I got writing it. Must put on a movie for the kids …….

Edited to add explicit photo that is by far the nastiest I have ever taken (OK, maybe the shot of DH's cock in my ass is worse...never mind):

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Took some photos last night

I promise I'll get to the tagging this weekend. It's been pretty busy here with me working for a political campaign, homeschooling, guests, and getting ready for our mini vacation next week.

But last night we made time for each other...long deep throating session with fucking in three positions...all anal.'s a picture to keep you interested until tomorrow when I'll write about what we did and share what I think is the best picture of all (which shows more than the one below!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I liked it! spite of the house guests we had, DH and I managed to work in another session of anal sex.

I. Love. It.

My latest thing is that I want pictures! The second time we did it, I was on my knees at the edge of the bed. DH fucked my pussy and then was able to *easily* enter my ass. Why should DH get all the eye candy? So this weekend we're going to try a picture session :) My ideal picture would have me spreading my cheeks and the picture showing DH's cock half in (or out depending on how you look at it)

I went in with such low expectations and they were fantastic. DH and I have discussed how surprised we both are with my enthusiasm...and that led to a discussion about 'what if I like other women the same way I like anal'

To be honest, I really think I'll be with a woman once, think 'hmmm..that was ok' ...and never have the urge to do it again. But DH and I talked about what if I *really* like it? Is he OK with me occasionally finding another woman to play with? DH says he's OK with me doing that but is he really?

I'd be willing (and very turned on) to watch DH have sex with another woman but DH is adament that he doesn't want to sleep with another woman. As he puts it, "I have a woman who deep throats, loves anal sex, and looks for new porn for me. What could be better?" That led to another discussion that I will put to you:

Which is better, beautful blonde with perfect tits who isn't all that good in bed or a middle aged post-kid body that is *talented*?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Longer an Anal Virgin

Did I get your attention? :)

DH has been interested in doing it for years. We've been incorporating some ass play using small toys and lots of lube and after a year of play, I decided we'd give it a go last night.

It was a spontaneous decision. We'd been watching some porn on youporn and touching each other. We moved to the bed and turned the screen so we could watch it while on the bed (yes, we are such geeks we have a computer in our bedroom) and DH was just doing a beautiful job of going down on me. Using my natural lubrication, he'd managed to get two fingers up my ass while sucking and licking my clit.

It felt so heavenly I decided to utter the words that DH was hoping to hear, "Let's try anal again"

We decided to move me to the edge of the bed, on my back with my legs pulled up to my chest. I was laying there exposed with my ass hanging off the edge of the bed. DH broke out the lube and used some on his cock and my cute little butt :) Rubbing my clit, DH tried to push in and I was deep breathing.

No go...just burned

DH then spent a few minutes rubbing my clit and working in a few fingers. The goal this time was to get lube as far up as possible. DH also put more lube on his dick ( and since we're both germaphobes he washed his hands again!)

This time he got in about half way before I told him to stop. We were making two mistakes:
  • Not enough lube on the whole shaft
  • Moving too fast

Third time is the charm....and it certainly was last night! :)

Moving much more slowly, DH managed to work himself all the way in. The look on his face was a combination of surprise and ecstacy. And I loved it too.

In many ways, I felt it was *better* than regular vaginal sex. I loved how it filled me. I loved the sense of being a dirty girl. I loved watching DH. He had the same look as when I had my private dance with Eva; a combination of 'this is hot' and 'I can't believe this is happening'

DH began to move in and out, slow but steady. After a few strokes, he moved his hands to my legs so he could pull me onto his cock that much harder. I took over stroking my clit and couldn't help saying things like, "This is great." "I'm going to become a total ass slut, I'm going to ask you to fuck me in the ass all the time"

Pretty soon, DH was just POUNDING. Very quickly, I went over the edge and climaxed and kept talking about how I was cumming so hard and he needed to keep fucking my ass.

It didn't take DH long after that. After he was done and enjoying the after glow I quoted a line from the movie "Bad Santa" (if you haven't seen must. It's my favorite non-kid friendly holiday movie)

"I'm not going to shit right for a week"

We cleaned up and passed out. The first thing out of DH's mouth this morning was "That was amazing"


Did you see the movie Austin Powers where he kept peeing for several minutes? This AM I went to use the toilet and farted...and it kept going and going. DH and I started laughing so hard we thought we'd die. Guess some air must have gotten shoved up there last night :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Back Story…at least some of it

Context is everything. So, to keep my writings from being all porn and no substance I thought I’d talk a bit about how I got here. This post is certainly NOT HOT.

DH and I have been together for 18 years, married for 16. Two kids, one 9 and one four. I only mention their ages because that’s actually pretty important to the story here (I think so anyway).

I had some experience before DH(like dating a 35 year old alcoholic) but I was only 20 when we met..and I was taking care of myself. Mom died while I was in high school and Dad was an alcoholic. Putting myself through college and my family background kept me from being interested in a lot of experimentation. I was the first one in college (and my neighborhood) to make it to college, let alone a prominent school on a scholarship.

So, I didn’t party. I didn’t date much. I studied and worked. My second year I realized that joining a club or two wouldn’t kill me and went to check out a couple. I met DH. By week two, we were practically living together and we’ve been together ever since.

Every marriage has a few dips and turns but for the first time a couple of years ago, we hit a really bad patch. My father, who had lived with us for a couple of years, came out of remission with his lung cancer. Older son, who I homeschool, has special needs. We had a very active toddler and our aupair was leaving (and we weren’t getting another) In the midst of all this, DH had a midlife crisis.

It wasn’t the kind of crisis where he was sexually unfaithful. Instead, he put himself ahead of his family and took a demanding job 100 miles away. There was never a question of us moving: my father was in treatment for his cancer and our son needed the services he was getting and would not get them in the middle of nowhere. In spite of all the challenges our family was facing, DH took that job and even bought a house there.

DH held that job for a year during which my father continued to sicken and die. Our kids missed their father in spite of my attempts to go to the small town during the week sometimes (if my father’s health allowed) and DH being home every weekend. We were all unhappy. And DH was the unhappiest of all.

He was very angry with me. I abandoned him (in his mind) and wasn’t committing fully to him. In my view, he’d totally lost the plot. I grew up in home where the dad was a narcissistic prick and now DH was acting like one too. The kids bugged him, I didn’t have sex enough with him (hard to do when we lived 100 miles apart) and I was spending too much time with my dad.

Leaving that job required us to move over 1000 miles away. That was one year ago. And we’ve spent much of the year trying to fix it. My desire for him was dead. I didn’t stop loving him but I wasn’t interested in sex AT ALL. If you talk to him today, DH will still defend his feelings from that time. To him it was more important to be making bank than taking care of his family. I saw a side of him that scared me. Like ASM mentioned in her blog when she found out about her husbands infidelity, its like an innocence is taken away. I’ll never go back to that place where I knew DH valued our family the same way.

This past year has been about communication and rebuilding and resulted in me feeling sexual again. Older kids, no longer caring for someone…this all helps. But the thing that I think makes me feel really interested in all sorts of sex is knowing that our marriage foundation is strong.

There is no way that opening our marriage a year ago would have been a good thing. When the wounds are so raw, the communication isn’t really honest no matter what anyone else says.

DH isn’t interested in sleeping with other woman and I have to confess I’m not all that interested in messing around with a strange penis. But I do like the idea of exploring women and DH is fine with that.

We’ll see where this goes.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Strip Club Dreams

Let me start by saying that the club we were at was known as an “anything goes” place as long as you had enough cash. This was the place that kicked off my current near obsession about being with another woman.

She was blonde but not the bleached kind, pale soft beautiful skin and smelled wonderful. She ran her hands through my hair and let her beautiful natural breasts brush up against my face.
My private dance (that I insisted DH watch) was extraordinary. DH was a bit baffled at how far I was encouraged to go...she took my hands and put them on her tits and told me to play with her nipples....She also moved my hands to her ass and told me to rub. I totally chickened out when she took my hand and tried to get me to put my finger inside of her...

I didn't...I stopped.

But what if I had continued? The rest is made up..but could have happened if I hadn't

1) been scared to
2) worried about spending the money

I put my finger inside of her, getting it slightly moist, so I can gently tease her clit. Eva was wet wet wet. I moved my mouth to cover her little rosebud nipple and begin to slowly suck and tease it with my tounge.

So anyway…I began moving my finger in and out of her slowly and eventually used a second finger. My thumb was rubbing her clit while I paid extensive attention to her beautiful tits with my mouth. Eva arched her back and let out a low moan as she ground her pussy on my hand.

Looking for a little change, I pulled my fingers out of her. Eva’s pussy was sopping wet as was my hand. I could smell how aroused she was. “Taste yourself “ I said as I put my fingers in Eva’s open mouth.

Greedily she sucked my fingers as I played with her well rounded ass. Eva quickly tired of that and got off of my lap. “Stand up, you have too many clothes on” she said as she pulled me to standing by my hands. A quick look over at DH to make sure it was ok with him (I took the open mouthed drooling expression on his face as well as the bulge in his pants that it was fine with him) and I was standing in front of Eva.

She reached over to kiss me as she began playing with my tits through my shirt. It wasn’t one of those girl on girl lizard-like tongue fests in crappy porn. This kiss opened with Eva gently pressing her slightly opened lips on mine. It was almost like she was exploring me. I gasped slightly as Eva moved her hands under my shirt..under my bra. Her hands were soft and insistent at the same time and I pressed myself into her more.

With a slight smile, Eva pushed me away, “Let’s get some of those clothes off” and the next thing I knew my shirt was off and she was removing my bra.

“It’s like you’ve done this before, “ I giggled nervously. I worried that my middle aged, post-kid body would be a turn off to someone who was naked for a living.

As Eva kissed my next and moved down to suck on my tits, she said “I love women. I love touching them.” And then she began working on my already hard nipples with her mouth and hands. I caressed her hair and watched her enjoying my body.

Eva began to move down my body and knelt on the floor in front of me as her lips glided down my abdomen. My breath quickened as I realized she was going to take off my jeans. Her hands quickly began unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. Shoving them quickly to the ground, Eva told me to step out of them and go sit on the chair. DH still stood against the wall but now he was rubbing his crotch through his pants.

I sat down and let Eva manhandle me into position; legs draped over the arms with my ass hanging slightly over the edge. Seeing that I was a bit nervous, Eva leaned over to kiss me again and whispered, “Are you ready sweetheart” Speechless I nodded and watched Eva began to kiss my pussy. “Baby you taste so wonderful…you’re so wet” as she kept licking and sucking on my clit. First one finger than two entered me. My eyes closed in ecstasy as Eva ate me and I harshly twisted my nipples. Gasping, I realized that I wanted DH to be part of this.

“Eva, is it OK for DH to touch you?”

Smiling up at me, she said, “more the merrier”

That was all it took for DH to zip over and kneel next to her and begin playing with her tits..her wet pussy.

Seeing DH do that just sent me over the edge and I climaxed hard, pushing myself further into Eva’s face but being very aware I didn’t want to make too much noise. Letting me come back to earth, Eva began kissing and stroking the insides of thighs.

DH remarked that I owed Eva and that it should be her turn. Switching places, I got down on my knees in front of Eva on the chair and tasted a woman for the first time. It y had a bit of fuzz on it and looked beautiful. I parted her lips with my hand and spent a second or two looking at her hungry and aroused pussy. Tentatively I moved my mouth closer..sticking my tongue out and flicking her clit. Tangy and sweet at the same time, earthy and so very basic..I found her taste intoxicating and groaning I surrendered to wanting her. After a minute or so, I heard Eva say, “Your wife likes pussy, honey, and she’s good at eating it too.” And, just like she touched me while she was on the stage, Eva ran her hands through my hair.

A quick glance at DH revealed that he’d unzipped himself and was stroking a very very hard cock. He loved watching me naked and pleasuring another woman. Carassing my head, Eva said” Baby, do you mind if I help your husband a bit here? Watching us together is going to make him explode.”

Grunting my assent, I continued my exploration of her pussy. DH stepped over to her expecting just a simple hand job, instead Eva grabbed hold of is cock and moved to her mouth. Eyes popping out of his head, DH watched as his cock slid into her expert mouth.

Noticing the flooding wetness of Eva’s pussy, I redoubled my efforts to please her. Knowing how she’d liked my fingers in her before, I easily slid two fingers in and Eva groaned and arched a bit. Recognizing a good thing, I managed to get three fingers inside of her and moving them in and out. It drove her wild but didn’t stop her valiant efforts at deep throating DH’s engorged cock.

Eva grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into her convulsing pussy as she began to cum. I felt the walls squeezing my fingers as she cried out. It seemed to last forever and yet it was over so quickly. When DH reached over and touched my head, I slid my mouth over to kiss her thighs.

Eva pulled her mouth off of my husband long enough to point out to me that poor DH still hadn’t gotten off. “Why don’t we both make him happy?”

After a quick kiss, we knelt side by side and waited for DH. “Are you sure?” he asked

“Yes” I replied smiling.

I was the first to put him in my mouth. My recent deep throating lessons were put to immediate use as I pushed my mouth all the way down to the base and felt the head move and slide against the back of my throat. Eva began licking his balls.

A few times of going up and down doing this, Eva claimed her cock time and began working on the tip and used her eyes to tell me to lick and suck at the base. DH was in heaven watching two naked women working on his cock…and let us know he was about to cum.

“I want to cum on your tits” Not knowing whose tits he wanted to come on we both leaned back as he jerked his cock a whopping three times. Eva’s tits were the lucky winners and it seemed like rope after rope of cum splashed across her pale skin.

I couldn’t resist, I had to lick it off and immediately leaned over and began cleaning up my husband’s cum off of the stripper’s body. I had one hand deep into my again-aroused pussy as I flicked my tongue over Eva’s body.

When I was done and standing up, DH swiftly kissed me. Eva was the consummate hostess and offered up some baby wipes that had been in a small cabinet to the side.

“That was so wonderful” Eva said “We need to do this somewhere that has a real bed and make a night of it.”

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What I don't like about some sex blogs..

I read a wide variety and the ones listed to your right are ones where I feel like the blogger has a very healthy attitude toward their sexuality/relationships/life. I believe that couples can swing, people can have poly relationships, individuals can be way kinkier than I am, and have a sane stable life too.

And then there are the others that I can't help but wince and continue reading for the trainswreck/thank god it itsn't me factor. They're not listed.

Most swinger blogs are OK but often if you dig back far enough you find an event that triggered it. Usually some sort of infidelity...much angst...and the idea that maybe they should explore others together. There's a honeymoon period where they "have the best communication ever" "best sex ever" and then someone, usually the woman, starts hating it. I'm not sure how much of that is social conditioning (It's important to be a 'good girl') or that the woman just wasn't into it in the first place. If kids are involved there's all sorts of issues (people in the house? pictures online?) that are really appropriate considerations for anyone who is interested in doing other things.

Adultery blogs have taught me lots of lessons. Guys who cheat because they don't get enough at home almost never leave. They really love their wives but just want some extra release. One blog I read the guy has had another woman on the side for a couple of years and still calls her a fuck buddy. Women? They leave. And most of the time its not for another guy, its to find themselves in some way and the sex was just an expression of it.

While I like sexy stories, in typical girly fashion I like the stories behind them. I like learning about the people and watching the interaction between their personalities and their sex lives. And I want to write about that and what I like to think/do/learn about sexually.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Blow Job Technique

I thought I gave OK blow jobs before. Lately (meaning the last 8 or 9 years) they've gone downhill. They weren't fun..I was bored by was a bit like flossing (you do it because you're supposed to).

I read a posting on a blog called "Confessions of a College Call Girl" about how to give a good blow job. 2 things I took away from that post: how to deep throat and the importance of spit as lube. Made it so much easier. Another change is that DH is either sitting in a chair (with me kneeling) or standing (with me kneeling again).

Looking up at him and smiling with his cock in his mouth is really fun. Another thing is to cover my teeth with my lips after making sure there is lots of spit, deep throating, and then using my lips and some pressure to move back up the I use my tounge on the underside and head.

He had to grab a chair and almost fell over it was so good :) Things that are done well are just more enjoyable. like porn

What's your favorite?

Right now I'm way into videos where women really climax. I'm not talking the 'ohohoh' that is in the garden variety porn...that's why I'm also really enjoying places like YouPorn.

My current favorite YouPorn is

New Age Lesbos

but last night we watched another one...redhead (guessing Eastern European of some type) who did extensive anal. The shoes were very off putting to me and looked like Goodwill rejects.

Redhead with funy shoes

I'll have to come up a list of my favorite threesomes and deep throating....

Today was lots of Homeschool Mama Drama...including a revelation about one of the other moms that has offended the group...SHE'S BI!!!!! There's a post right there.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Other Girls

Like I've stated in my profile, I didn't get to participate in that great college tradition: experimenting with girls.

The closest I got was joining the Feminist Union in college. There were several college lesbians but they were of the crunchy, hippie variety. I may be a liberal but I still think patchouli smells like ass. It was on a bus trip to a protest march that I was accused of being a gender traitor because I liked guys to which my response was, "Maybe I am. I just love cock."

Fast forward many years..couple of kids, moving around the country, dying 6 months ago when I made my 3rd visit to a strip club...and got to touch another woman for the first time. My primary source of pleasure is still DH's dick...but Oh My God.

I ended up getting so excited that I swore people could hear me squish when I walked. Her skin was so soft and her touch was so gentle....and watching my DH watching us? I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

Now I want to be with another woman. Ideally, DH could be there. I'm scared to take this step without him! But I have no idea how to do this. I haven't dated since I was 19 years old.

So, I guess I should go do this week's lesson plan and organize the new beads I bought today at the Columbus Day sale...while I squeeze my legs and squirm waiting for the kids to go to bed.

What is this all about?

I'm a mom who homeschools...and is prominent in a large homeschool organization. I help out at the kids co-op, make sure DH is all ready to go when he has a business trip, ensure that our geriatric dog has had his meds, and take care of my inlaws as necessary.

Oh...and I love porn, strip clubs, have a Fetlife profile, and am dying to get another woman into our bed.

There's another blog that I stumbled onto with a woman who was exploring a new sexual world and I *strongly* identified with her concerns and issues. I commented on her blog but didn't want it to link to my regular one so I came up with this profile. There aren't many sex-friendly blogs where moms (or parents) really can discuss all the sides of being a horny married mom.

So...this is where I'm going to work out all the things that I can't do at Park Day. Other moms are good for what curriculum to try or what meat is on sale at the grocery store...but I have other issues. Like my DH doesn't want to sleep with another woman even after 18 years of the same...and I can't for the love of GOD get him to tie me up.

What's with that?!?!?