Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hand To God...

everything I'm about to write is true.

Since its so ungodly hot out here in the Sunshine State, park days with the home*school group have been avoided during the summer. There are those of us that still get together at indoor places so the kids can play and we can chat.

Our favorite place?
Charles E. Fromage (ie Chucky.E.Cheese)


They serve beer.

So we were there were four moms and my DH there today. Tons of kids...seems like every daycare and summer camp was there having an end of summer party so we sat way in the back in an alcove away from some of the chaos.

One of the moms is having a milestone birthday next month so we were planning what to do to celebrate. The consensus (we let the birthday girl have some say) is that we're renting a limo (with a pole and bar), my DH gets to be the token guy that will allow us into the two totally nude clubs (but he has to wear a collar), and then end at our favorite gay bar.

We decided this while sitting at our 'park day' at the cheesy rodent.

I love my home*school group.

(munged to keep innocent minds away)


MrDC said...

Wow...quite a juxtaposition. Your hubby is a lucky man.

Alfro said...

Oh...Come on.
It's just not fair......

DH gets to have all the fun.

I'm gonna pout.

I'm thinking, lets leave DH home, and I'll fill in for him.

HSMom said...


Will you wear the collar? That's really not negotiable according to the birthday girl.