Monday, August 17, 2009

True Blood is messing with my sex life

Any of you watch True Blood? It's one of my favorite shows on right now. DH got interested in it before Season 2 started so we went back and watched all of Season 1 in a one week kids-are-in-bed marathon.

In case you haven't seen it, there are several scenes that are very sexual explicit..topless Anna Paquin is a sight that should make anyone, male or not, sexual aroused.

Anyway...last weeks episode had some very adult scenes including an orgy. But it wasn't a *hot* was pretty creepy. Post True Blood sex that night...and DH couldn't climax...could barely keep an erection. In the 20 years we've been together this has NEVER happened. I asked what the problem was...and DH said he couldn't keep that night's orgy scene from his mind and it made it difficult for him.

I actually thought about not watching last night's episode but DH was waiting for so we did. Nothing too bad...but during another Anna topless scene (which DH used to drool over) he kept making squishy face. "you don't think *she* is hot?" I asked.

"She's in bed with a vampire. No"

I turned it off right there....HBO ain't gonna be messing with my sex life anymore. Just like I declare some shows offlimits to my kids...I now declare True Blood off limits to hubby.

Suck it, HBO!


Alfro said...

I thought it was all about the guy from "Weeds".

But, you've still got to like "Hung" don't you? Thats one the wife and I have been watching lately.... cuz it's just like home....haha haha haha.....

I'm guessing maybe you'll just stick with those "sparkley Vampires" from now on?

HSMom said...

I'm more about Anna on True Blood...still mostly lusting after the drug kingpin on Weeds.

DH and I tried one episode of Hung, the one where he bugged out on the older fat lady, and it made me wince a bit. DH is out of town for an interview at the end of this week so I'll do a Hung marathon without him. Thank you On Demand (or bit torrent)

I'm totally over the sparkly vampires at the moment :)

wallycrawler said...

Anna Paquin has the best tits on da tube.

She makes me feel kind'a funny in my pants... But don't you see the parallels between "True Blood" and "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"?
Last year's story lines were kind'a similar, this year unquestionable!

Love da show, but it has been done before and Joss Whedon should be pissed for the lifting of story lines.

HSMom said...

Even when I was in my 20's before nursing my tits were not as good as Anna's!

As for True Blood and Buffy parallels....True Blood is based on a series of books that were written post Buffy and I think the tv series is less like Buffy than the books. Alan Ball is taking some real liberties with the plot and making it far better than the books.

That being said...Eric's personality is starting to remind me a bit of Angel.

Love Joss Whedon!